the first All-Ukrainian equestrian community!

If you love horses and everything connected with them with all your heart, welcome to a community of people, just like you!

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UHU is a large community of people from across the whole of the Ukraine reaching out to the wider equestrian community: from simple grooms to the owners of the largest equestrian clubs.

We are sure that the equestrian community in the Ukraine now has an opportunity to grow in size and influence, both at home and abroad. For this particular purpose the UKRAINIAN HORSE UNION was created!

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Our registry is a structured and verified list of equestrian specialists, created for the convenience of the whole community. It includes equestrian clubs, stables, horse shelters, breeders, coaches, instructors and volunteers, along with opportunities to find employment and recruit in the Ukrainian equine world!

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The UKRAINIAN HORSE UNION offers you a comprehensive education in the field of interaction with horses! Here you can find full information about all current and upcoming workshops, get access to professional literature, get expert advice, sign up for an individual lesson or organize a workshop in your equestrian club!

We are committed to providing excellent training, to provide the foundations for an excellent equestrian community in our country.

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We are sure that with the help of art one can achieve as much as with training. After all, art allows you to express your emotions in a language that is understandable to absolutely everyone! Therefore, UHU actively promotes the expression of equine themes, ideas and problems across diverse forms of art.

If you are a creative person, we will be happy to assist you in creating your own art event – whether it is an exhibition of paintings, a film or an open-air workshop.

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Only together we will be able to help our country reach a new level of equestrian development. Partnership with UHU will allow you not only to get a number of advantages i.e. access to useful resources, unique information and an opportunity to promote your skills and services but also give us the opportunity to improve equine welfare across our whole country!

Our partners

You can help us with the development of the equestrian community in the Ukraine or any individual project that seems especially important to you. All funds received by the Community will be used to support existing educational, charity and art projects, as well as to implement new ones! We will be sincerely grateful for any assistance.

You can help the UKRAINIAN HORSE UNION right now by becoming a volunteer or by donating.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, you can contact us via:

Viacheslav +38 (095) 837 12 48

Julia +38 (093) 598 35 23

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